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Syndicate of Security and Safety professionals in Lebanon
نقابة محترفي الحماية و السلامة في لبنان
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By definition, a syndicate is an association of persons officially authorized to undertake a duty, protect common public interest as well as safeguard its members. Syndicates not only form the grounds for standardization, public well-being and progress in the specialized field of application, but are considered specialized references of professionals as well.

The Syndicate of Security and Safety Professionals in Lebanon (SSSPL) was founded by a collaborative effort of security and safety professionals in Lebanon; to improve the quality and performance of products and services offered in this line of business. The founding was officially endorsed by the approval of the Ministry of Labor; mandate number 40/1 dated June 12th of the year 1999.

Since establishment, the Syndicate has been aiming to strengthen cooperation and understanding among its members within a framework of internal laws and relevant legal conditions in order to protect, develop and improve on consistent objectives for the benefit of the community.

Successive Executive Councils of the Syndicate have appealed relevant to Governmental Authorities to enforce existing “safety and security protection” laws and urged to develop new ones enhancing the relevant standards throughout the country.

At present, the SSSPL is the main cradle of quality control and continuous improvement in the supply of security and safety equipment and their respective services for upkeep. The “community”; being at the top of its agenda - through maximizing life safety and minimizing property loss throughout the Country.